About School

School Building and Campus (History of the Academy)

The site of the School has been selected in Gandhi Ashram ,which is centrally located in Hajipur so that the student and parents can communicate easily and the parents can better monitor of the activities of the school. Leter as the School has been established in Basudeopur Chaputa Hajipur Vaishali .Tt has been now functioning since dated 21st june 2009 ,for over 4 years. In this span of time. It has earned affiliation to CBSE New Delhi and is regarded as one of the best ideas Educational Institute of Hajipur (Vaishali).

Novel creative Academy parents its students a healthy environment for overall development in the lap of nature. Pollution free large campus about 2.75 areas. It has a vigil eye through closed circuit camera.

Resources Centre cum Computer Centre

The school management has provided the facilities of resource centre in the school. in this centre, the students will have books, magazines and other materials, which will cater the needs for awareness and world wide information. The school will have a well managed computer centre in which students can surf internet and handle different computer software.

Efficient teachers have been appointed for the purpose of running the theoretical and practical classes.

Creative Centre

The school will provide a creative centre in which the student can show and inculcate their talents in the field of painting, fine art, music, handcraft etc. The school will engage trained teachers especially for the purpose.

Yoga and Meditation Centre

We follow the Olympic Motto-faster, stronger and higher, for that matter we input a backup to yoga indoor and outdoor games. We strive to act for better co- existence getting in touch with myself.

All possible opportunities have been made available to develop their inner and creative talents in debates, music and other allied activities.